Directed Web Access in Pega

In this POC we will learn how we can send an assignment to an external user via Email for his/her input.

Demo Video:

Steps are as follows:

  1. Create a Case type – DWA_ExternalSurvey.
  2. Two assignments – Collect information and External survey.
  3. Open the Work Parties pyCaseManagementDefault – update it.
  4. Create SurveyDT data transform.
  5. Add and configure Utility shape – addWorkObjectParty.
  6. Open External Survey Assignment – Route to = Custom and Assignment Type = External.
  7. Change the Assignment details as well.
  8. Create a correspondence rule – SurveyCorr.
  9. Open External Survey flow action – Change the harness.
  10. Create an Email account to send Email from Pega.
  11. Change the settings in Gmail.
  12. Create an Operator – MyExternalOperator.
  13. Change the DSS and System settings.

Create a case type – External Survey

Configure Collect Information Assignment

Configure External Survey Assignment

I have used Radio buttons

Now open Work parties – pyCaseManagementDefault

Delete the default entries – Both – List of valid parties and List parties that may repeat

Add only Survey

Create the SurveyDT – Data transform

Create and open

Pages and Classes tab

Definition tab

Now add an Utility shape


Now open External Survey Assignment


Route to – Custom

Assignment Type – External

Scroll down to Advanced section and open the Assignment details – Fill the below details.

Create an operator – MyExternalOperator – we will configure the operator later in this article or you can scroll down and check the operator configuration now and come back to this step.

Create a correspondence – Add External Message and External Instructions

Now go to the last flow action – External Survey

Go to Action tab

Scroll down – ‘If an assignment is not being performed’

Show Harness – ConfirmExternal

To receive Emails from Pega to your Gmail account, do these two configuration changes

IMAP access – Select the radio button Enable IMAP

Manage your Google Account — Security — Allow less secure app in securities

Go to Records–Integration Resources




Test connectivity

Update the Public Link URL value in 2 places. One is from DSS rule: PublicLinkURL and other one is from Dev Studio -> System > Settings > URLs.

Value: http://localhost:8080/prweb

DSS setting change

Click Save

Open the operator


Provide – Org-Div-Unit

License Type Invocation


Launch the case

Email must have gone to chatwithdeb9@chatwithdeb9

Click ‘here’ hyperlink in the Email

After clicking the Click here hyperlink in the Email, If you get Access denied error then please,

  1. Log off from Pega, Log off from Gmail
  2. Close all the browser tabs.
  3. Clear the browser cache.
  4. Close the browser and reopen it.
  5. Login to Pega and Launch the case Type
  6. Login to Gmail and click the Click here link again.
  7. It should work.

This is the end of this article. I hope you will try it and let me know your inputs in the comment section.