Pega Email Channel Integration

Use case: A user will send an email to Pega, the subject line will have some keywords and Pega Email bot will read the email and create case.

Demo Video:

In this POC we will cover the following,

When a user will send an Email to Pega with a specific subject line then Pega will create,

1. An Email Triage Case

2. An interaction case

3. Bot will send a reply with the case ID

So Let’s start —————–

Login to Pega designer studio – 8.X

User id: XXX


Go to email account in the Integration-Resources

Click create

Go to apps and give the work class name or any name in account name

Click create and open

Enter the following details

[email protected]/ and corresponding password

For this email account — go to manage your google account — go to security — scroll down–then enable ‘’less secure app access’’ enable it

Test connectivity

It should be good

Scroll down to receiver

Click use senders users id and pwd

Test connectivity

An Email send from [email protected] to [email protected]

with Subject as ‘Address Change Case’

For both the Email accounts,

Manage your account – > Security -> Allow less secure app – This process has changed.

Please check this blog for the steps.

An Email has been sent to [email protected] from [email protected]

Email listener will pick up the email from the account [email protected] as it is configured in Pega with an email account as below.

Once the email is picked up by the listener then following cases will be created.

Email triage case – ET-9007

Note: You can go to the Admin Studio and check whether the listener is running or not. You may need to stop the listener, restart the listener or need to refresh it. At times it does not work for the first time. 😉

An address change case got created – A3 – Updated by Pega Email Bot

  1. A reply to from the Email Bot ([email protected]) to my email ID ([email protected])

Email triage case – ET-9007

Issue faced:

Listener was not picking the request properly. I have restarted the listener in the Admin studio.

Select the listener – click restart button and then refresh.

Another issue faced; the email reply was not coming to my email id [email protected]

So, I observed I have not done the correct configuration in the Email Channel

Below is the right configuration

First create a case type – Address Change Case

Configuration in App studio – Email Channel

Configuration tab: of Email bot — add the email account ([email protected])

Behavior tab

Thank you, template — this email will be sent to the sender ([email protected]) who asked for an Address Change

Text analyzer

Enable subject analysis – should be checked

Intelligent routing

Process: All matching actions – should be selected as we have multiple actions

  1. Create case
  2. Automatic reply

In both the cases I have selected the when the subject is ‘Address Change Case’ then

  1. Create a case
  2. Automatic reply

Otherwise, condition to route to operator.

This is the end of the POC. Hope you will be able to do this POC by your own and if you face issues please do let me know in the comments. I will definitely help you.

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