Google Maps Integration in Pega

Demo Video:

Steps are as follows,

  1. Go to Google cloud platform
  2. Login with your Google user id and password
  3. Create a billing account
  4. Create a project
  5. Link the project and the billing account
  6. Search the API and enable it
  7. Create a credential and get the API key
  8. Create a case in Pega
  9. Take a Field as Location and take the Data type as Location
  10. Search the Dynamic System Settings (DSS) – Google api key- Update the Value with the API Key
  11. Run the Case Type

Go to Google Cloud Platform and click Sign In

Login with your id and password and Click Console on top right corner

Click Billing

Manage Billing Account

Add Billing Account

Add your billing account as instructed.

Once done please search for Google Maps

Click APIs

Select Maps JavaScript API

Click Enable

Then click Credentials from the left menu

Now click ‘+Create Credentials’ to get the API key

Now go to Pega :

Create a case type

Location field – Data type is Location – so it understands that Google map to embed

Add the API key in the DSS setting – search for Google

Run the Case

Type any location and click outside – the map will pin to that location.

Pls check the demo video

Please try this and have fun. 🙂