Pega Mashup

We are going to learn how to implement mashup in Pega.

Demo Video:

Create a simple Case Type – MyMashup

From Case Type – Go to settings – Integration

Click Generate mashup code

Click Generate code, below is the generated code

<!– ********************** Begin Pega content ********************** –>

<script src =’http://localhost:8080/prweb/PRServlet/app/my-sampleapp_1984/?pzuiactionzzz=CXtpbn1CTTV1M1pSYzhvMG1YTUE3bHRPV2FXZDFrVmtQWEI4ajIvVUJkM1Z6amF3TzFpU2FLa01wMzVhTm5QK0krcGxw*’></script>

<div data-pega-encrypted =’true

data-pega-encrypted-hash = ‘pzuiactionzzz=CXtpbn1jQTFBZEJiK1YxZTJZL3dPOFI1bXFUZXNWNGk4am5MeGxzY0xYeE1SNkZzM3JzSmdRYTNVdVljSDJRekxHZ09BRkgxS3lEUTg0bStOem5nNDRBa1dNVHl1eVhEYitvUzJLSnFUVGdxeWd4WlNEczY0ajB1SEdDclhuc0FzV01HTk5DSDc1NXl3dnVhOXptbU8xbDEwRHFhRVE1eEM1SFMwU2dNWDRMcXJwRkpmWEU2ZE1OSHlsdTROb3dhTVIxdEZUdXVYU2R5RFkyWUtZUWYvOVp0YzQ2ckxET21FaDdSYXFJN2ZrSHBzaVFBVjMyZVNJN3A2ZjVCQXlEdjhMMjNl*’

data-pega-gadgetname =’PegaGadget’

data-pega-action =’createNewWork’

data-pega-action-param-classname =’MYOrg-IND-MySampleApp-Work-MyMashup’

data-pega-action-param-flowname =”

data-pega-isretained =’false’

data-pega-isdeferloaded =’false’

data-pega-applicationname =’MySampleAPP’

data-pega-threadname =’STANDARD’

data-pega-channelID =”

data-pega-resizetype =’stretch’

data-pega-url =’http://localhost:8080/prweb/PRServlet/app/my-sampleapp_1984/’ ></div>

<!– ********************** End Pega content ********************** –>

Now go to the application definition

Go to Integration & security tab

Scroll down to Mashup security

Enter the website URL where you want to add your mashup


Now paste the mashup code into the Website page. In this case I have created a index.html page and I have pasted the mashup code into that file and kept the index.html in the below path


Then run the URL in the browser


Simple!! Right?

Hope you are able to do this POC. Pat on your back 🙂

Please do let me know your inputs in the comment section.


  1. Thanks for sharing. It’s quite helpful.